Upcoming Clinics

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There are no upcoming clinics scheduled at this time. Generally, most of our clinics are in the spring and fall.

Please check our full clinic list for cardiologists taking private appointments in the meantime.


Protecting The Future Hearts of Our Sphynx

Hairless Hearts is a group of dedicated Sphynx pet owners, Sphynx breeders and veterinary cardiologists with a goal of minimizing HCM in our beloved breed.  We are committed to HCM awareness, HCM screening, HCM data sharing and HCM research support.  HH hosts affordable HCM screening clinics throughout the USA and Canada. We also promote HCM awareness and the necessity of screening and submitting results to the Sphynx HCM databases.  Through the utilization of these tools, we can help protect the future of Sphynx. [Read more About Us...]

The best method for HCM detection at this time is through echocardiograms (scans) by board certified veterinary cardiologists. HCM detection through annual scanning helps pet owners and breeders in 2 ways: By identfying the disease in cats with no symptoms in order to begin treatment to potentially prolong lives and AND By identifying carriers in breeding programs thereby providing the opportunity to remove HCM genetic material from future lines. [Read More HCM Scanning - What and Why?...]

HCM Screening Locations